Meet Miles

Miles was diagnosed at birth with severe hemophilia A, a bleeding disorder where his blood has no ability to clot unless he infuses a specialized medication intravenously every day.


Even so, he bruises easily, can get joint bleeds, and has constant aches and pains. However, the hardest part about having hemophilia is successfully administering these intravenous injections. 


One night when he was injecting himself, he was having a very tough time hitting a vein. He had to needle stick himself at least four or five times before he was able to successfully access the vein. 


He realized that this difficulty of hitting a vein is a huge problem in his life. Despite his vast experience and practice with intravenous injections, it is still so hard to actually get a vein on the first attempt. This is not just a problem experienced by hemophiliacs, but a problem experienced by millions of others who require daily intravenous injections.


Invictis Technologies was started in 2018 when Miles knew that there had to be a better way to administer these intravenous injections. Miles met Craig at Princeton University and they started thinking of ways to solve this issue. They realized the monumental positive impact that an automatic intravenous injection device could have on people that require infusion therapy treatment. Together, they formed Invictis

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