Self Use


  • The user can use the device on themselves

  • No additional doctor or technician is required to operate the device

Revolutionizing Drug Administration

Our device is a breakthrough in needle injection technology. Using cutting-edge vein sensing technology as well as VIT, our device automatically injects needles intravenously for the easy infusion of medication. Injecting in a vein is difficult and prone to accidents, costing the United States over $3 billion a year. Hemophiliacs and patients with diseases treated by intravenous infusions must go through the mentally and physically taxing process of injecting frequently.  

Verticle Injection Technology (VIT)

Our device utilizes state of the art verticle injection technology. VIT allows us to make our devices small, portable, accurate and eliminates the need for an additional nurse or healthcare professional to assist with the injection. 

Automated Vein Location

Various sensors are used in order to identify and locate the precise location of a target vein for insertion. This mix of thermal, ultrasound and light imaging allows our device to accurately find the best target vein possible, injecting successfully on the first attempt well above the national average recorded for nurses and phlebotomists.

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